Clothing advice: Keeping out the draft

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Q. I’ve got a two-piece textile suit which is quite warm but when I’m riding along I get a gust of air riding up the front of it no matter how I adjust all the zips and cords.

Can you recommend something I could put around my waist to stop the wind getting in or should I just get a new suit?

Frank, via email.

A. Does the suit zip together? This would give you the best chance of keeping the wind out. Some suits will only connect by a short zip at the small of your back, while others have zips that go all the way round the waist.

It might be fiddly, but by buying a longer zip you could probably stitch it on to the textile suit without ruining it.

A cheaper option to buying a new suit might be to wear a windproof undersuit or base layer.

Failing that, a heated waistcoat (we really rate Gerbing’s offering in this department).

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott