Switching to HID bulbs for winter

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Now that winter is here I intend to change my front light on my Suzuki Bandit 650 K8 model to an HID bulb as I have found that the standard bulb is not bright enough for my winter journey to work.

Are there any complications in fitting this and are there any problems with the plastic lens with the extra heat the light will generate, would I need to adjust anything (if I can).

One last thing… is the cost of the HID kit worth it?

Martin Langford, email
The High Intensity Discharge lights don’t generate much more heat than a standard bulb, it’s the filament and the gas, quite often a 35w HID casts a better beam than a 55/60w standard bulb.

When people change the dip beam to HID they find it’s more powerful than main beam.

However, an HID bulb can’t run on 12-volt circuitry, it requires much higher voltage, so ballast is part of the kit that has to be fitted.

It’s basically a metal box the size of a pack of 10 cigarettes which the original coupler from the bike’s bulb plugs into. It then needs a separate live and earth, usually from the battery but a good output will do.

The main problem is siting the ballast somewhere, not too hard on a Bandit, but pared back to the bone sports bikes like R1s and GSX-Rs can be tricky.

Then there’s the cost, a single bulb kit costs about £48, going up to £80-plus Go to:
http://www.hids4u.co.uk for more info.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott