Products advice: Will an 09 Bonnie pipe fit an 03 bonnie?

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Can a full exhaust system off a 2009 Triumph T100 Bonnie slot onto my ’03 model? The differences I’m aware of are that the ¹09 has a centrestand and is 865cc, while my Bonnie has a sidestand and is 790cc. You wouldn’t believe that even Triumph dealers don’t know. 
Cristylf, MCN forums
I’m not surprised the dealers don’t know. For one thing the new Bonnie is fitted with a catalytic convertor and also has a couple of holes for lambda sensors. If you did manage to get it on, the cat would probably get so hot that it could melt, collapse and block the exhaust. There are other aftermarket pipes that could do the same job better. For a starting point, check out the sexy Bonnie exhausts at

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott