Supertrapp exhausts for Ped's XLV750R

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Deputy editor Ped Baker has just treated his money-pit XLV to a set of new Supertrapps. Here’s what he says about them…

“I’ve always loved the sound of Supertrapp silencers ( ever since I bought an enduro-spec Suzuki DR350 with one fitted. They produce a deep, guttural thud without being over loud. The other benefit is that they come with a set of discs that you can use to ‘tune’ the pipe.

Inserting more discs reduces the pressure and increases the noise. The closed alloy end cap also gives them a neat ‘engineered¹ look. If you don’t like the plain alloy caps they also do anodised and machined options. The 13inch universal brushed alloy silencers for the XLV come with weld on brackets, eight discs per silencer and a stainless clamp.”

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott