Tyre Advice: Why's my front tyre wearing quicker than the rear?

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I have fitted a pair of Bridgestone 021s last spring and the front is down to the wear pips but the rear still has a couple of thousand miles left. I can’t complain about the grip levels as they seem solid enough, but the mileage return on the front is poor.

I have a ZZR1100 which I have owned from almost new and have run 020s until this set of 021s. I have run the same pressures as the 020s.
Turnip00, MCN tyre forum
I fitted a set of 021s to my SprintST1050 back in April.  Since then, I have done about 4500 miles and still got plenty of life in both, though more in the front than the rear. To date, I have not been able to fault the wear rate, the turn rate, the grip or the feel I get from these hoops – definitely a far superior tyre to the 020s my bike originally came with.

I guess part of the wear that people are experiencing will be down to riding style and how much you push the front etc. For clarification, I would categorise myself as a fast road rider who rides in all weather.
mrt502, MCN tyre forum
All tyres can wear a little bit prematurely and this is usually down to under inflation. This is the same with all tyres – regardless of the manufacturer. Riders that check and re-inflate their tyres on a weekly basis don’t tend to have any trouble with them at all. As you say, it can be down to riding style and also the type of bike.  Front heavy bikes, ridden hard with an under inflated tyre will always create excessive heat and therefore accelerated wear rates.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott