Products advice: Upgrading my headlight

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Q. I have a Yamaha XJR1300 and the stock headlight is rubbish.

It’s not bright enough to be visible during the day and makes night riding a bit tricky so I want to put a brighter bulb in there.

What’s the maximum wattage I can use?

quiffsterz, MCN technical forum
A. Eatscs01 on the forum reckons you should either go for an HID upgrade, or a 100w/80w bulb.

Ignore those so-called brighter bulbs. If you want more light (lumens) then the above will do the job.

And an HID kit uses a ballast and an igniter. It is NOT just a bulb. Alternatively, take a look at Osram’s new motorcycle bulb range, claimed to be much brighter than OE bulbs.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott