Helmet review: Arai Freeway

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Arai Freeway open face helmet £179.99 (£169.99 on MCN Shop)
Miles covered/time:
10,000/5 years.

What’s good? I’ve worn this on a Harley-Davidson across Australia, on holiday in southern Europe and on hot sunny days in England to pop to the shops or to the office.

On my recent trip to Ibiza I strapped it to the back of my tailpack and secured it with a cargo net, ready to wear when I got there.

I also used it as extra storage space, stuffing my waterproofs in a plastic bag into the head hole.

What’s not? There’s obviously not the protection you get from a full-face lid, but I cut the cloth to suit and slow right down when I’m wearing it.

At speed the wind gets under the peak and tries to lift it off your head anyway.

Contact: www.whyarai.co.uk
Four stars