Trouser review: Ixon Evil jeans

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Ixon Evil jeans, £139.99 (£125.99 on MCN shop)
Miles covered/time:
2500/six months

What’s good? I wear these on my commute to work and for short trips on the basis that they offer more protection than a non-Kevlar set. Not everyone will agree but they are my (already busted up) legs.

Comfort is great once the knee armour was taken out and they look like normal jeans rather than some of the riding jeans on the market that have rather questionable looks and cut.

The length is adjustable with poppers hidden under the hem.

What’s not? The price is a little high for a pair of jeans but for Kevlar ones it’s about on a par with most. Despite the knee armour being adjustable I found it was always too high up my thigh so I don’t use it anymore.

It’s a small point but when I get home and take my shoes off, the poppers dig into the bottom of my feet.

Four stars

Andy Downes

By Andy Downes

Former MCN Senior Reporter