Which bike intercom to go for

If you’re struggling to decide on which bike intercom will suit your purposes, struggle no longer as our web community gives its combined advice…

Oaksey says: I’m looking for an intercom system for general rideouts and touring. Does anyone have any suggestions what a good system should have and what make I should be looking at?

critch2203: From experience I¹ve always had Autocom units, the last one was a Pro Rider 7. The quality and sound was amazing. I could easily talk on the motorway at 90 no problems.

If I was being picky it¹s a bit of a pain that you have to plug in and out every time you get on and off the bike.

vetoevo: Acumen’s version of the interphone comes with a handy on-bike charger so you don’t need to carry a mains charger with you when touring.

See www.acumen-electronics.co.uk. There’s a special price deal if you buy two (rider and pillion)