Can you scrub in a tyre before fitting it?

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Q. I’m off to Almeria in Spain this month and have bought a set of Maxxis Supermaxx sport tyres for the occasion.

Do you think it would be a good idea to use the tyres as virgins straight away on the track (bearing in mind that you are supposed to do 100 miles to get rid of the shine) or to perhaps pre-fit them to my bike (’07 Fireblade) and bed them in before I go, then remove them ready to travel.

I’m obviously aware that if I did this I would be paying a couple of times to have the tyres fitted/removed.

Is there any way of “scrubbing them in” without actually fitting them to the bike.

D Lewis, email

A. You can’t scrub in tyres off the bike, even though I’ve seen club racers armed with a file roughing up the edges before the first race.

If you are using them at a track for the first time it should take no more than a couple of laps to take the shine off them as you use them a lot harder than you do on the road.

As most tracks go clockwise, one and a half laps should see the right-hand side up to speed, while the left will probably take a further couple of laps.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott