Is ride height making my bike steer slower?

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Q. I do a lot of track days but I seem to have hit a brick wall when it comes to getting round fast corners quickly.

Every time I up the pace on my R6 the bike misses the apex and runs wide appearing to understeer.

Is it rear ride height or not turning the bike quick enough to cope with the extra speed?
Dominic Pierce, email
A. There are plenty of reasons for the problems you described. It could be true that you are turning the bike too slowly; this is always an easy trap to fall into on fast bends.

To help you to turn quicker you need to identify a good strong turning point from a reference point on the track, like a tarmac change or paint mark.

Poor throttle control can be a factor too, by getting back on the throttle too slowly, or using a constant, not rolling on throttle through part of the turn.

Another reason, and again it tends to happen more on the faster turns, is that a rider is too tense on the handlebars and not allowing the front of the bike to track the corner properly.

It can even be as simple as not looking too far ahead and therefore not setting the bike correctly to get through the corner when you turn.

Or too little ride height!

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