Can I use a 2010 R1 rear shock on a 2007 R1?

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Q. Any chance you could give me the standard settings for the rear shock on a 2009/10 Yamaha R1

I’ve had this shock recommended to put onto my 07/08 model.
Steve Cope, MCN forums
A. When you are going to swap one shock for another it’s important that the total length of both units is pretty close to start with, as any difference could have a magnified effect on the linkage and how the rear of the bike performs over the full range of suspension movement.

Looking at the information we have on those shocks, the spring rate is higher on the 07/08 model, but the installed length is 5mm shorter.

Add in the facts that the cast shape of the reservoir is different and the swingarm, relay arm and doglinks are not only different between the two models, but work in different ways, and we reckon you could be creating a lot of work for yourself.



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