Does my Triumph T955i have a loose sprag clutch?

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Q. I’ve been reading some articles stored in my garage on the Triumph T595 from 1998 and I’m worried.

It says the bolts on the starter sprag clutch can come undone, and you first hear a rattle, before the engine destroys itself. My bike is a 2000 955i, which has the usual problems of cutting out at the traffic lights occasionally.

But I have heard the odd rattle now and again. Should I get the bike into a dealer to check, or was it sorted by 2000?
Stingy1, MCN technical forum
A. Don’t worry, the sprag clutch issue was sorted by 1996-97, so your engine should be fine as it’s very rare to see it on the FI-equipped bikes.

The way to tell is when starting and cranking the engine over, there will be a noisy banging and clanking…

If it’s cutting out coming up to junction or lights as you pull the clutch in, chances are it’s running lean and needs a tweak. Triumphs of this vintage run an open-loop fuelling system, so it doesn’t have a lambda sensor to finesse the fuelling over time.

It will need setting up by reverting to the base map, then adjusting the low-speed running in a similar way to screwing the pilot jets in or out on a carburated engine. A complete remap is about £30.