How to fix broken electronic screen

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Q. I have a 1999 BMW R1100RT with an electric screen. The screen gets stuck in its highest position every now and again, but it sorts itself out each time.

Unfortunately it has happened again and is currently at its highest setting and I cannot get the thing back down. Is it possible to lower it manually?
Rob Williams, email
A. The RT has two relays, one for ‘up’ and one ‘down’. Chances are that at 11 years old there may be a bit of corrosion on the relay pins, the switch pins or the relay itself may be a bit sticky.

Listen out for a click when pressing the button in both an up and down direction. This will a) point you towards where they are located behind the main fairing panel and b) let you know if the relay is engaging or not.

As the motor worked in one direction it should mean that it will work in the other and the fault is simple and cheap to fix.

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