Product review: Abus Granit Extreme Chain

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Abus Granit Extreme Chain 37-1.1m-12mm, £199
Time used:
Five years

What's good? Words can't describe the lack of care I have lavished on this faithful friend.

But it's a vicious circle – I neglect it (several winter's exposure to the elements, never a drop of oil) it doesn't show any signs of suffering from it (padlock still supple and effortless to use), I neglect it some more.

If I were a thief my intent would wither at the prospect of looking for somewhere to apply my boltcroppers.

The specially-hardened 12mm hexagonal-section chain? The solid lock body and submerged shackle?

What's not? At nearly 5kg it's like carrying a child on your back so demands a tankbag, tailpack or capacious underseat storage unless it's to be a stay-at-home device.

Rating: 5/5

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Guy Procter

By Guy Procter