Best tyres for a Multistrada 1100S

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Q. I’m hoping you can help me with some advice on tyres. I recently bought an ’08 Multistrada 1100S and I need to put some new tyres on it.

The Metzeler Z6 looks to be a good, if slightly expensive tyre. While I’ve been looking around I’ve noticed that the Pirelli Strada tyre seems to be identical to the Metzeler Z6, except a whole lot cheaper!

I realise Metzeler and Pirelli are essentially the same company, so would buying the much cheaper Strada be a shrewd move, or is it not as simple as that?
Mark Wilby, email
A. If “local conditions” mean there are deals to be had between a Strada and Z6 tyre, then by all means try out the Pirelli, but bear in mind that the Pirelli is an older design and was replaced by the Angel ST last year, while the Metzeler Z6 Interact is also a few years old and about to be replaced.

The latest designs are better for dry and wet grip and longevity and your choice is: Dunlop RoadSmart, Bridgestone BT-023, Pirelli Angel ST or Michelin Pilot Road 2



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