Are my exhausts making my bike run badly?

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Q. I’ve recently traded in my old bike for a Ducati 748R. Unfortunately it seems to have a flat spot as soon as you crack the throttle open, and appears to be running very rich.

Since it is fitted with carbon Termignonis, trying to ride it quietly is a nightmare. Is it possible the bike is set rich for its initial running-in period?
Eddie Pickering, Lincoln
A. There are two types of Termignoni exhaust for the 748R, the standard ‘closed’ ally ones and the carbon open pipes.

It does run rich on the closed exhausts. ­ If you peer into the inlets with the throttles barely open it’s chucking in bucketloads of fuel.

According to Baines Racing if you switch to the open pipes with the standard chip it should be set up pretty well.

If that’s what’s fitted already it could be that a sensor in the fuel injection system has gone down.

If a temperature sensor has failed, the bike’s brain will be telling the injection system that the motor is still cold so it will be constantly over-fuelling.



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