Yamaha XJR1300 oil cooler conundrum

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Q. Can you tell me if the oil cooler pipes and hoses from a 99-01 Yamaha XJR1300 will fit a 2002 model?

Mine are leaking from the hose and I’ve managed to locate some from the earlier model but the dealer seems to think that mine are different.
Bryan Powell, email

A. If you’re sure about the model years, and you’re fitting second-hand parts then there’ll be no problem as they share the same part numbers, but…

In ’03 there was a mod to the hose bolts that resulted in all the part numbers being superseded to new numbers (probably what the dealer was referring to).

It’s important that you refit the modded kit with your replacement hoses and it would be wise to fit new O-rings top and bottom and torque the bolts to 10 Nm.

Also, use Loctite on the top bolts.