What difference do bar-risers make?

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Q. I wonder if you might know the answer or could advise me on this?

I have a new ZZR1400 and I asked the dealer to fit Genmar bar risers which raise the bar position by 25mm and back by 16mm.

Instead he fitted Helibars which are 20mm higher and 10mm back.

I’d still like to fit the Genmars instead and am wondering if I could get away with them both in place to give a 45mm high rise.

I’m 5ft 6in and fine with that but have short arms! I weigh around 74kg.

Just a smidgen higher would make this awesome machine more long distance comfortable, or maybe you know of an alternative?
Tom Bass, email
If you reckon they will fit then the only issues I can see are getting the suspension set up and ensuring that the controls are long enough to let you use full lock without them pulling tight or your hands fouling the tank/bodywork.

As for the suspension you’ll be taking your weight off the front to a degree so I’d back off the preload, ease the compression damping a touch and up the rebound a bit.

At the rear, it’s the reverse a touch more preload, a touch less rebound and a touch more compression.

Let me know how it turns out if you do decide to go ahead.



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