Glove review: Oxford Bone Dry Sports

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Oxford Bone Dry Sports Gloves, £47.49
Miles covered/time:
500/three weeks

What’s good? They’re smooth and silky inside and immediately comfortable on the ends of your arms.

The armour seems solid and reassuring and they’re well priced. They’ll keep in an admirable level of warmth between 4-10°C. They look and feel well made and dependable.

What’s not? Within two hours of wearing them I’d managed to invert the lining on the left glove so that it hung out like a windsock.

A couple of hours of tense massaging and prodding with a wooden spoon managed to remedy the situation.

They’re well suited to moderately cold weather, but a hint of sweat from within and you may end up with prolapsed lining on your hands.

Rating: 4/5

Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel