How to buy leathers that fit

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Q. I have just bought a set of two-piece leathers and have a question about the fit. I am a 40/41-inch chest and so ordered the size 42 after speaking to the salesman.

The sleeves end at just above the wrist and the jacket zips fine and feels OK apart from feeling a little tight across the back of the shoulders, especially when stood upright. Is this normal and is it likely to give any once I’ve worn it a few times?

I tried a friend’s BKS Silverstone leathers in a 44 and found that in a riding position there was a bit of slack material in the chest area.
Shawn Causer, email
A. Leathers do give a little bit over time. As for feeling “tight” when stood up, that seems the wrong way round as leathers are generally cut for your riding position and that means leant forward stretching the back area.

If they are comfy on the bike that’s what you want, so make sure you sit on a bike when trying them on.