Why won't my Honda CBF500's lights come on?

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When I start my Honda CBF500 up the headlight should come on automatically.
Sometimes it works and sometimes not. However, after riding for a few minutes it comes on and stays on. Neither dip nor main beam will work on their own when it¹s playing up. However, main beam will work on the passing/flasher switch.
Chrisg, MCN forums

The switching is done within the right-hand handlebar switch. Pressing the starter button breaks the lights circuit and makes the starter circuit, but if the contacts are poor, you¹ll get the symptoms you describe, with it coming back on after it¹s vibrated into contact again. If the starter button is sticky that could be another sign. Strip the switch housing down. Is the starter button sticky? I would recommend that a dealer looks at the switch and maybe lubricates the components.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott