Suzuki Bandit 600 is misfiring

Q. I’ve recently bought a mint condition 2002 Suzuki Bandit 600 with 8000 miles on it. While riding home I noticed when slowing down for junctions that when I reopen the throttle the bike misses badly, if I drop a gear it clears.

Also it idles roughly when warm, but smooth when cold on choke. When I took it for a run it was missing when pulling off. I’m not sure if it was parked up for long before I bought it. As soon as it’s above 30mph it pulls smoothly.
Banditginge, MCN forums
It sounds most likely that your pilot jets are partly blocked, probably with the bike not being used for a while. But before whipping your carbs off, we would check the HT connections at the caps as they do corrode from the inside.

Start the bike from cold and try and determine which, if any cylinder is missing by feeling each downpipe for a cold one. Wet your fingers each time, as they soon get very hot...

If they check out OK, you might get away with putting a fuel treatment in the tank to dissolve any varnish-like residue, but that won’t shift any rust or crud that’s lurking there, in which case it will be carbs off and a good clean out.

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