How to extract a bar end weight screw

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Q. I have a bar end weight screw stuck in the end of the bar after the bar end snapped off.

There isn’t much sticking out to get a grip of, so I’m going to have a go at drilling it out, but are there other methods?
Russ, MCN forums

A. Have you tried an eazi-out or stud extractor? You drill a small hole through the offending screw (which might make it fall apart anyway and you can then get it out) and then screw in the extractor that is on a reverse thread.

As you unwind the extractor anti-clock the reverse thread bites into the screw and usually will shift it.

You can get small stud extractors but you have to drill the hole anyway. Don’t go bigger than 3mm, so the extractor has something to bite on. A suitable steel drill will be marked HSS. Make sure you centre punch first and do your best to get it central.

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