Best flip-front helmet with sun visor

Q. I'm looking for a new full-face helmet but fancy one with an internal sun visor. I know a few of the flip front types have them but I don't want the extra weight. Motorcycle helmets for sale. Money luckily isn't too much of a problem and I would probably spend £400.
Ian Martin, Exeter

A. We’ve heard good things about the Shark Vision-R (see our review on page ??). It also has a very wide and high visor aperture for better vision (hence the name). It can be picked up for £300ish, too.

Also, the AGV Stealth SV or S-4 SV are also good (the SV in their names stands for sun visor). Cost there is £250 and £145 respectively. Schuberth are bringing out the S2 full-face with sun visor early next year for £359.99 to £399.99.

For riders on a budget most Caberg helmets are fitted with internal sun visors, too.

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