Best road tyres for a BMW F800GS

Q. A few months ago I bought a 2008 BMW F800GS with Metzeler Tourance tyres already fitted. They still had some life left, so I've been running around on them and they're OK, but I'm looking for something a bit more road-biased and sticky when I swap.

What would you recommend? 98% of my riding is in town where the height and comfort are invaluable, and it copes with speed bumps far better than a sportier bike, but the 21-inch 90/90 front wheel makes decent road tyres hard to find.
Rupert Porter, email
A. We’ve not heard of any new more road-biased tyres coming down the pipeline for 21-inch wheels, but there are a few likely candidates on the market already.

The original equipment tyres on the 800GS are the Pirelli Scorpion Trails which are very similar to Metzeler Tourances, but they are a more off-road design, so not much use to you.

Although Dunlop doesn't make a pure on-road tyre for the F800GS because of that 21-inch front, their new Trailmax TR91 is supposed to have good
on-road performance in both wet and dry conditions, with feedback levels usually associated with on-road tyres.

If you want to buy British, Avon has the Distanzia. They look like semi-trail type tyres but are designed for 90% road, 10% off-road.

At the moment Bridgestone can only offer the Battle Wings but there should be some BT-023s for the GS sometime later this year.