Best sports touring tyres for a GSX-R1000

Q. I wonder if you can give me some advice on the best tyres to use on a GSX-R1000 K7 for touring. I plan on riding my K7 alone to a few MotoGPs in 2011 around Europe, starting from Yarm in Teesside.

My first trip is to Portugal and then I plan on doing a second trip to Assen and then straight onto Mugello to see the first Italian race with Rossi on the Ducati.

Each trip will be over 3000 miles, so can you suggest a decent set of tyres that would suit my GSX-R and give me that type of mileage to remain legal on my return leg back to the UK.
Andy Frost, Yarm
Our senior road tester, Michael Neeves, has ridden a K7 on sport touring tyres before and he found that they really slow down the steering and make the handing feel 'wooden' compared to sports tyres.

The flat profile of a sports touring tyre and relative lack of grip doesn't really suit a superbike, but if mileage is the primary concern, they'll do the job and it’ll be the usual sports touring suspects: Dunlop RoadSmart, Bridgestone BT-023 or Pirelli Angel ST.

The latest crop of sports rubber is better suited to the bike, but the rear could be gone by the time the trip is over, it all depends on how and where you ride. The Dunlop SportSmart is very good, as is the Metzeler Sportec Interact M5.