Best all-round tyre for a Triumph Daytona 675

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Q. It’s nearly time for some new rubber on my 2008 Triumph Daytona 675.

I am going on a week’s tour round France and Italy with some mates next year, along with some track days and am after a tyre that will be up to both. Any suggestions?
Gaunty, MCN forums

A. You are pushing it on the mileage front if you want to go on a decent tour and ride a few tracks, as the sort of rubber that will cross over as you want it to will probably be illegal on the rear after about 3000 miles.

But if you manage the wear rate by paying attention to tyre pressures and don’t indulge in too many drag starts, Dunlop’s Sportsmarts or the Metzeler M5s are worth considering.