Exactly what tools do I need to replace my chain?

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Q. I am about to replace the drive chain on my Honda Fireblade and I wanted clarification on which tools I’ll need for the job as the retailer wants to sell me a tool to peen over the hollow link pin.

I thought you just needed a hammer to do that job as per your How to… feature in the July 6 issue?
Roy Newell, email

A. The shop is right and we were wrong in this case. Many aftermarket chains (and 90% of the chains on new bikes) now come with hollow pin rivet links that should not be peened over with a hammer, as you would with a solid pin rivet link. Hammering can cause hairline fractures in the pin and after a while the pin is likely to fail.

You need to fit hollow pin links with a tool that peens over the end of the pin by clamping action. These tools cost approximately £50, but if you’re in a bike club or owners’ group you should be able to borrow or rent one.

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