Best tyres for a Triumph Daytona 675

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I’ve just acquired a 2006 Daytona 675 fitted with old Dunlop Sportmax D208s which don’t inspire confidence. I used Pirelli Diablo Corsas on a 2000 Blade, which worked well. Would you recommend the same for the 675 or are there better options? My riding is short quick weekend blasts and possibly a track day or two.
Willshere, MCN forums
The Daytona came with Super Corsas as standard, so I’d recommend the latest version of those in road compound, which is the Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa SP. Or you could go with the Metzeler Interact Racetec K3. These are fast road/track day tyres.

The Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa, Metzeler Interact Sportec M5 and Dunlop Sportsmart are more road-biased, but will still be good on the odd track day.

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