Where are my ZZ-R600's spark plugs?!

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I decided to check the plugs on my Y-reg Kawasaki ZZ-R600 so dutifully got out my Haynes manual, read up on the steps to take. 1. Remove seat, 2. Disconnect battery, 3. Remove tank 4. Access plugs… Everything went well until I removed the tank. I could not find the plugs anywhere! No HT leads, nothing. Am I missing something? The manual states the plugs are there but I can’t find them!!

The Haynes manual doesn’t mention it unfortunately, but you will have to remove the airbox. Good luck getting it back on. It’s a real sod of a job. It’s easier if the engine is warm (so the ram air tubes are more flexible), and if you lightly grease the ram air tubes. You’ll also have to remove the coils to get at plugs one and four.

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