FJ1200 fuel cut-off woes

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Can you help me with a fuel reserve cut-off problem on my 1986 Yamaha FJ1200 please? The fuel tap solenoid appears to be faulty and it cuts off the fuel supply when there’s still lots of fuel in the tank, even though the fuel switch on the fairing is switched to reserve.

I’ve checked my Haynes manual and established that the fuel reserve controlunit (behind the rear brake master cylinder) is OK. So that seems to leave the solenoid in the fuel tap as the problem.

Fuel taps are no longer available from Yamaha so is it possible to isolate the solenoid to stop it cutting the fuel supply? I can manage perfectly well with just the bike’s fuel gauge and fuel warning light.
Charlie Richardson, Herefordshire
If you have checked the reserve control unit and that’s OK, you need to make sure that the reserve switch has power on the red/white and switches OK to put power out on the red/green wire.

If that checks out OK then the issue is the fuel cock solenoid, which is still available as central stock from Japan.

We are not sure if this can be done on FJ fuel cocks and taps, but the XV535 had a similar system and the solenoid could jam through lack of use. We have heard of people stripping out the tap and getting the solenoid working again. Good luck.

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