One-armed rider seeks braking solution

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Q. I have a paralysed right arm and ride a 1999 Honda Hornet 600 with all the controls fitted to the left side handlebar. At the moment I use an ISR clutch master cylinder that I have connected the twin braided front brake lines to, and it works very well with the standard Hornet calipers.

Hopefully in the near future I’m upgrading to a CB1000R and I want to know what, if any, clutch master cylinders will be man enough to operate the CB’s bigger calipers?

Is it possible to use a normal front brake master cylinder upside-down providing it is bled correctly?
Gary Swift, Maidstone
A. The master cylinder relies on gravity to feed the hydraulic fluid from the reservoir to the piston cylinder in the lever. Inverting the cylinder (with its integral reservoir) would stop this action.

You could use the master cylinder with a remote reservoir (eg from an '08 Fireblade) that will have the power to haul you up. Invert the cylinder, but keep the reservoir the normal way up which may require extending the connection hose.

Or you could use a thumb-operated rear brake master cylinder (as per racing) to operate the clutch, and the clutch master cylinder to operate the front brakes.

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