Aprilia RSV can't find neutral

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I have a 2004 Aprilia RSV Factory on which it is impossible to select neutral when stopped. It is sometimes possible to slide it into neutral from second gear as you come to a halt, but at a standstill? No way.
Roearn, MCN forums
There’s no doubt that they can be pigs to get out of gear thanks to the gearbox design which has a bit of a hair trigger action on the lever around neutral. Bleeding the hydraulic clutch will help, but the simplest fix is to ‘tune’ the gearlever position so that your foot moves it just the right amount. The size of your feet and the sort of boots you wear will make a big difference. Tweak the gearlever a turn or two, and then maybe see how it feels on a test ride using trainers instead of heavy winter boots.

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