Product review: Proguard Custom Fleximonitors earphones

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Proguard Custom Fleximonitors earphones, £239.95
Miles covered/time used:
2000/two months

What’s good: They block out as much noise as a good foam earplug (and actually more than the firm’s own custom earplugs) and let you listen to your music. These earphones are what I’ve spent my biking life looking for and I’m really impressed.

Even in-ear headphones are almost inaudible over wind noise at motorway speeds, but these are so good that you can easily listen to your tunes at half-volume.

The sound quality is superb, too. You need to get a foam mould taken of your ears at a local ProGuard centre (service included in the price) and the earphones are sent out to you a couple of weeks later.

They’re also great for running and training, as they don’t fall out of your ear, and they’re excellent on plane journeys. I’m deaf in one ear, so I only need one headphone. They’re worth every penny.

What’s not: Listening to music on a bike can be distracting, so I only ever use them at low volume on long monotonous motorway trips, on my own. I wouldn’t use them in town when I’m having fun ‘riding’.

Contact: or 0208-639-4446
Rating: 5/5

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Michael Neeves

By Michael Neeves

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