Kawasaki ER-5 keeps stalling

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I have a 2002 Kawasaki ER-5, the engine starts and runs perfectly, but as soon as you put it in gear and start to release the clutch the bike will stall, no matter how high the revs are. It's not the clutch as I've taken it apart to check it and it's OK. Is it possible that the spark plug coils are failing under load? I checked the rear wheel turns OK when in gear with clutch depressed
Murchison62, MCN forums

If you mean you start up, put the bike in gear and try to pull away and the bike just cuts out, then it’s either your sidestand switch or the little switch under your clutch lever. These are both part of the sidestand cut-out circuit. If you disconnect the stand switch at the block connector and bridge the connector (loom side) it will bypass the switch. If that fixes it you’ll need to replace the switch. Don’t try and save money by leaving it disconnected as it will come back to bite you!

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