Can I convert Kawasaki ER-6 to thumb throttle?

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Q. My octogenarian father still rides his Kawasaki ER6-F regularly, but worsening arthritis in his right wrist means he is having problems maintaining proper throttle control.

I have been trying to see if a jet-ski finger throttle could be incorporated instead of a twistgrip, but all I can source so far are Stateside conversions for thumb throttles on jet-skis.
Neil Wilson, email

A. I think a finger throttle might cause problems when it comes to using the front brake and a quad thumb throttle would be a better solution. There are plenty of them to choose from (as quad riders are always crashing!), but there are a few elements to consider.

You need a set-up that matches the throttle cable layout of the bike, twin- or single-cable, and the thinner the set-up the better, as you are going to need to position it between the now fixed handgrip and the switch cluster with front brake lever clamp nestling there, too. It shouldn’t cost you more than £200 maximum for parts and labour.

If you want more detailed advice, there’s a charity, the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), who offer advice and some financial support. Call their adaptions advisor Garry Seddon on 07597-666457.

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