Why won’t my TL1000S fuel properly?

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I have no fuel going into the cylinders of my Suzuki TL1000S. The ignition system is normal and the fuel relay kicks in, so the fuel pump in the tank working and fuel reaches the injector rail. The pressure is strong but there’s no fuel from either of the two injectors. The dash keeps reading “FI” fault, so I removed the injectors and had them cleaned. Before this work, one was reading 60psi, the other was 80psi. Both are now 80psi but there’s still no fuel getting through.
Alan Thomas, email

The ignition system has a permanent live feed to the fuel injection system and the injectors are earth triggered when a solenoid is opened. Take the earth away and it closes.
When the ignition is turned on, the pump primes itself for two seconds, then stops. That’s enough to get fuel to the injector rail and hold it for a while with 42psi behind it. When you hit the starter button the fuel pump runs again and the crankshaft sensor now triggers telling the ECU to send a signal to create an earth and get the fuel out of the injectors. So get a new one of those.

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