Best tyres for a Kawasaki ZXR400?

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With my 1991 ZXR400 weighing the same/slightly more than a modern 600 sports bike what rubber should I buy next? I use the bike every day as it is my only form of transport. So is there something that while last a good while, yet be sticky enough to keep me happy?
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Sport touring tyres are approved for this bike and might seem like a good choice as it's your every day transport. But you should get similar mileage and grip from current sport tyres like the BT016 and the Pilot Power 2CTs. In fact, the standard Pilot Powers are good value at the moment, about 18% less than the 2CTs and as the only real difference is the rubber compound for the last 10% to maximum lean they are worth considering. As are the Dunlop Qualifiers which were revamped a couple of years ago.

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