Can I buy custom-made boots?

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Q. I lost my right leg below the knee a while back and I’ve got a problem finding boots that will fit me.

The reason is that my prosthetic leg is pretty ‘slimline’ to reduce weight and make it easier to walk on, while the calf on my ‘good’ leg has become so beefy through supporting my weight that I can’t find an off-the-shelf boot to fit.

Does anybody offer a made-to-measure service in this country?
Alec O’Donnell, email
A. Alt-berg boots are based in the Richmond, North Yorkshire and they offer a fitting service with 115 different fittings from size 3 to 15. You’ll need to visit their factory to be measured up when they’ll take into account whether you wear your leathers in or outside your boots or want zip or Velcro closure.

The boots are made of thicker leather than a lot of boots out there and do require running-in. You might also have to adjust your gearlever position to account for the deeper toe design. The process takes about 8-10 weeks and the boots cost from £200-300, depending on the detailed spec.

If you are a bit short in the leg Alt-berg can offer a boot with a 10mm built-up sole. They can also resole certain other makes of boot with a 10mm boost, but they will have to do a visual check before taking the work on. In this case the boots can be mailed to them. The service costs about £65 and you should expect a 4-6 week turnaround.

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