How to change 1992 Fireblade’s wheel for a 17-inch

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Q. I am looking at upgrading the front wheel on my 1992 Honda Fireblade to a 17 incher. Which wheel is best as there were three wheel upgrades to the CBR900 and what size tyre would I need?

A. Your best bet is to get hold of either a CBR600 or VFR750F front wheel from the 1992-1996 period as the wheel and discs will slot straight in.

If it’s a model from 1997-onwards then there’s a bit of engineering involved as the six disc mounting holes need elongating to allow the head of the bolts to sit 1mm further out from centre of the hub.

When you do change the wheel make sure you fit a 120/70 x 17 tyre as a 60-profile will ruin the handling (and your nerves too).

The speedo reading will be way out, so convert to a Foxeye speedo drive that comes off the gearbox sprocket or you'll be all over the place.

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