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Q. I’ve almost completed the restoration of a 1999 Moto-Guzzi Daytona RS. Just how much "play" side to side and up and down on the floating discs should there be?

There's a tiny tack weld on the back of each bobbin, so if they're unservicable, I’m thinking I’ll have to replace rotors and pads.
John Beckett, email

A. That ‘tiny tack weld’ you can see is actually araldite glue to hold C-clips and washers in place.

But even with that there, there is a hell of a lot of side to side play, so much that you think the thing is going to fall apart as you wheel it around, but once on the move that disappears.

The key is radial play between the aluminium disc carrier that bolts to the wheel hub, and the steel disc itself.

If you can rotate the disc in relation to the carrier (also known as the disc bell) back and forwards you need a new assembly.

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