Can I replace BMW R1200R tyre pressure sensors?

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Q. I have recently bought a 2008 BMW R1200R which has the tyre pressure sensors fitted. I am not keen on the sensors and have a couple of queries regarding them.

Can I have normal rubber type tyre valves fitted in place of the hard rigid type fitted at present? Will this affect the pressure sensors that I believe are fitted inside the rims?
Can I have the sensors removed altogether and have the bike electronics reset so that the onboard system will not show up a fault?
Michael Oliver, email

A. BMW’s system works with sensors in each wheel which beam a signal to the ECU every 10-15 seconds. The £80 sensor is part of the valve on the rear tyre, but mounted separately in the rim of the front.

You could change to a rubber valve on both tyres, but there’s no way of reprogramming the bike’s brain so it won’t show up a fault all the time.