Best tyres for a Suzuki GSX400

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Q. I am having problems finding a pair of matching road tyres for my 1982 Suzuki GSX400. The front is a 90/90/19, the rear is a 110/90/17, if I have to mix brands what would be the best combination?
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A. You could stay matched if you went for Bridgestone’s BT45s. There’s a 110/90/17 tubed rear available, but no 90/90 front. However there is the old Imperial 3.25 x 19 BT45 that converts to close to a 90/90.

As for mixing, well, there are the Avon Roadrider, Dunlop GT501 and Pirelli City Demons that will all be fine. Some people have suggested the Pirelli MT60s, but they are a trail tyre designed for the Honda XR125L, and they are only P-speed rated, so one beneath the GSXs S-rated. Plus you can’t get MT60 rears in the summer.

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