What’s caused 955 Daytona electrics to overheat?

Q. I have just replaced the stator and regulator/rectifier on my 2005 43,000-mile 955i Triumph Daytona. The problem I now have is that the wiring from the alternator and the 30-amp fuse is getting very hot.

I’ve checked the battery readings when switched off for an hour, at tickover and 5000rpm. They are: 11.65 volts, 3.37 volts and 13.45 volts respectively.
Richard Austin, email

A. If you are getting those readings, then the battery is down a cell as it should show at least 12.5 to 12.8 volt DC switched off. If this is the case, then the charging system will be working overtime to try and charge an unchargeable battery. That will overload the system which will cause lots of heat.

The regulator/rectifier then overheats and breaks down, and in the worse case scenario the charge windings (stator) will burn out. With a new alternator and reg/rec we would be expecting at least 14 volts DC at the battery at tick over and 14.5 volt DC at 5000rpm.

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