Have my wheel weights been wrongly fitted?

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Q. I have just had new Bridgestone tyres fitted to my Gold Wing by my local Honda dealer. The rear tyre has not got any weights and on the front they have put all the weights on one side, 2 x 10 and 3 x 5g making it a mess.

Do you think they have been wrongly fitted to need so much weigh on one side or is it a defect in the tyre itself as I have never had this problem before.
Philip Parsons, email

A. Bridgestone’s Gary Hartshorne explains: “Tyres are made of rubber and therefore are elastic; this makes it virtually impossible to give them a uniform weight around their circumference; hence they need to be balanced.

"Wheels are also cast and unless they’re machined afterwards to gain equal tolerance around the circumference, then the wheel could be out of balance too. When you put these two parts together, the chances are they will be out of balance with one another.

"This is when weights are needed and 35g on one side of the wheel is nothing to worry about at all. We can often put more weight than this on race bike wheels and it has no effect on them.

"If the dealer has put them on and made “a mess” then this is something you need to discuss with the dealer. The amount of weight, provided it is actually balanced, is not an issue.”

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