Shoei XR-1100 problem

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I wanted to pass on a concern I have with Shoei’s XR-1100 crash helmet. The lid is awesome, very comfy, visor removal is easy and it is reasonably quiet. It suffers in one way only and has really caused me concern.

It has a lip on the back and this in my opinion could possibly cause an accident. It is fine on an upright bike or with leathers that have no hump and textiles with a low collar, but when worn in conjunction with leathers with a hump (in my case Arlen Ness) or textiles with a high collar (again in my case Rukka) the lip not only catches on them, it digs in when at speed and stops me being able to move my head. Not a good thing when cornering!

I really just want people to be aware so they wear their leathers/textiles when getting fitted for a lid so they don’t end up like me with an expensive lid that is unwearable without modification.

I have contacted both Feridax and Shoei and Feridax told me there is nothing they will do.

The lid would be great if it wasn’t for the lip but I don’t feel safe riding in mine all the while it has it.

No other helmet has ever given me this trouble and I have had quite a few. I hope this letter encourages readers to bring their kit with them when buying a new crash helmet as they are too expensive to get it wrong.


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