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Mod 1 test

It took me three attempts to pass this module. So I thought I would give some simple advice, which actually is totally obvious to get through it. This note assumes a big bike - 500CC etc.

1. Don't take the module unless you have practised it in the same environment - use a training school that has the space and facilities. I chose Elite in Wembley, London who use one of the stadiums overflow car parks. There is ample room to do the test and no chance of hitting anything (except the damn cones).

At Elite, they have laid out the course according to DSA measurements (See the DSA web site for that). Bottom line, you pass at Elite's test facility, you should pass at the test centre.

2. The so called 'swerve' test - know what you bike sounds like at 32MPH - so you don't have to look at the speedo. You have about 1 second from going through the speed measuring device until you go for the swerve. You do not want to be looking down now do you?

You should be looking where you are going. So at Elite we spent some effort just hearing and listening to 32MPH or a bit more to be sure.

2i. Go round the curve - make sure you are are in second gear. Accelerate COMING OUT OF THE CURVE up to speed to the 32MPH limit (minimum)

2ii. Line up the bike for the speed check equipment. You should be looking at the outer cone of the swerve at this point.

2iii. Get off the gas - Focus on going towards the outer cone and swerving round the inner one. giving yourself maximum clearance round that inner cone. DO NOT GO FOR THE BRAKES YET.

2iv. Now you are through the swerve - look for the stopping box at the end of the course and line the bike up straight as possible.

2v. Now go for the brakes in a CONTROLLED manner using back and front brakes such that you stop with your front wheel in the box. You will find that there is plenty of room to stop. On my third attempt I passed using this method. And did not find it difficult at all. Remember - Get the speed marginally over the 32MPH limit - Don't touch the brakes until the bike is lined up with the box at the end. In practise build up your speed - try doing it at 20 then 25 and then 30 - give it a few goes at 30 to make sure you can do it then go to 32-34.

Good luck.