CBT: How to choose a training centre

In years gone by, choosing where you'd complete your CBT and bike training/test was a simple matter of opening the yellow pages and opting for any of several firms offering training in your area. But things have changed a little.

All learner motorcycle and learner moped riders must complete a compulsory basic training (CBT) course before riding on the road.

But now only instructors certified by the Driving Standards Agency can teach CBT at an approved training body (ATB).

ATBs must have instructors who have successfully completed a two day assessment and have sites approved by DSA for off-road training.

  • You can find a comprehensive list of those sites here

When it comes to choosing which firm to go to, there are two main
considerations: their proximity to your house and recommendations from recently qualified riders.

Our list of approved sites deals with the first of these, while the MCN online riding skills forum is one of the most useful places to get unbiased word-of-mouth recommendations on training standards in the UK today.

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