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Triumph’s Bonneville doesn’t look retro enough for some. That’s why Swedish firm Raask has taken the modern bike even closer to its rocker roots.

Company founder Sivert Raask said: ” I’ve been in this business since ’68, so I had a good idea about what I wanted to achieve. ”

The bike started life as a standard Triumph Bonneville. The first bits to end up in the bin were the standard Triumph pipes. These were replaced with Raask’s own ‘Thruxton’ units – named after the Thruxton 500 motorcycle races that the original Bonnie won.

Not only do they give the bike its club racer looks, Raask reckons they give another 10bhp when they’re set up, too. They’re twin-wall chrome units and exit either side of the machine.

” I’m very pleased with them – mainly because it gives the bike the roar it had back in the ’60s, ” he said.

But the racer looks don’t end there. The clip-on bars replace the regular handlebars and drop the rider right over the tank.

Combined with Raask rearsets – for which the firm is best known in the UK, they give the bike all of the attitude and poise of a real ’60s race machine.

The conventional seat was replaced with the single seat from the Triumph catalogue.

The colours come straight from the original Triumph catalogue and the scene on the tank takes in the view from the Trumpet’s namesake – the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The Thruxton pipes are available from Raask on 0046-370-336115 or through the website and cost £275.

The Raask clip-ons and rear-sets are sold by M&P in England and cost £90 a set.

MCN Staff

By MCN Staff